DWI (Drunk Driving) and Texas Law

There are myriads of criminal charges under state laws in the state of the Texas, but intoxication manslaughter is thought to be one of the most difficult to defend against. This is because the consequences of these criminal charges are always extremely severe for all the individuals involved in the case. Additionally, there is always massive media coverage for these […]

Were You Accused of Sexual Assault in Texas?

Legal experts agree that there is no trial which is more emotionally charged than one that regards sexual assault. The criminal justice in Texas is known to come down hard on sex offenses. In most trials, the judges and prosecutors are usually pressured to be unforgiving on sexual offenders. It gets worse when the sexual assault involves a minor. For […]

Resources for Finding Competent Defense Attorneys

Some folks can go through their whole lives without such much as earning themselves a speeding citation from the Texas law enforcement officer, while others may find themselves in the peculiar situation of needing to talk with a lawyer with regard to a serious criminal case in Houston. Regardless of whether the person needs a lawyer for a misdemeanor offense […]

Should Harvey Weinstein Be Arrested for Sexual Assault?

The answer to the question is simple, Yes. Harvey has been accused of rape and sexual assault by everyone from Angie Everhart, Amber Anderson, and more.